Tony B. House music legend, #1 Billboard Remixer, Producer and Radio Personality.  With over 25 years in the music business, Tony B is a well known and respected DJ who has toured internationally and worked at some of the top Radio Stations in the Los Angeles & D.C. markets. As a Producer, Tony B has released well over 100 Singles, Remixes, Mixed Compilations & Albums with several charting on the Billboard Top 50 Club Play Chart (with two remixes reaching #1).


I am the Founder and President of the entertainment company Peach Productions.  I book some of the most talented bands, acoustic singers, and Dj’s from northern, central, and southern Virginia and schedule them in the most sought-after venues in the area that support local music.  I began my music career managing and marketing a local 90’s alternative band that played in the area for over 15 years.  I am strong in my faith and volunteer through my church to serve people in need that are in the Fredericksburg/ Stafford area.


Born in Fredericksburg Va at Mary Washington on November 21, 1971.  Corey was born and raised in Tappahannock Va.  Corey always had a passion for the Entertainment Industry growing up in the rural area with limited options for entertainment, Corey dabbled in the (“club’in”) night life scene from time to time.  Whether attending events or advertising/supporting upcoming events, he was involved in some form or fashion.  Corey has a associates degree in Information Technology Systems.  With his new-found technical knowledge he groomed himself in the entertainment world by networking and dabbling in the contracts area to familiarize himself with the business language which connected both worlds.  Because of his popularity in the southern Va area, Corey was able to reach a wide range of audience starting from Tappahannock all the way to the Metropolitan area’s of DMV.  Corey sought out venues to provide a place of entertainment, then made the connections to see the event through.  He spoke with the business owners and made things happen.  Once he learnt he had a “nitch” for this type of events, Corey sought out to own a LLC of his own J2Premeire.  Originally he co-joined with a family member which explains the J2 name/logo.  Once up and running, he realized the responsibilities of putting on these events is not only a full-time job but he already has a full time job and a wife and 4 kids.  As a result, he decided to bring his wife on board to make it a “in-house” and Avery Sunshine full-time family affair.  Audrey Johnson (wife) has a Bachelor degree in Federal Contracts and is a manager of Spoken Word Artist/Poets. Corey has a promoted and signed the local DJ Artist to the R&B known female vocalist Lela James and Avery Sunshine.  The world of talent and entertainment is Mr. Johnson’s passion and calling to bridge the gap between Virginia’s rural and metropolitan area in the high demand for (club’in”) and night life entertainment.