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20170930 Doors 7pm, Show 8pm

Location: The Groove Music Hall

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Artist Biography

If there’s one thing Rickey Medlocke can’t do, it’s sit still. The Blackfoot co founder and Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist is constantly looking for ways to challenge his creative impulses, and his latest pet project has been to shepherd the next generation of his beloved Blackfoot. Under Medlocke’s steady guidance. Lead guitarist/vocalist Tim Rossi, drummer Matt Anastasi and guitarist/vocalist Rick Krasowski have been jamming together live under the vaunted Blackfoot banner for quite some time, and now they’re ready to release a hard charging new album on Loud & Proud Records, Southern Native, that beautifully meshes traditional tones with modern sensibilities.

Opening Acts

The Cyberbillies

The Homegrown Band

Pioneer Zephyr