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80’s Shootout Show
20180922 Doors 7:45 pm, Show 8:30 pm

Location: The Groove Music Hall

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Preview Video Van Hagar

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Artist Biography (Van Hagar)

Van Halen Tribute band focusing on the Sammy Hagar years!!!!!!! Featuring members of Black Tooth Grin, Stainless Leather, and Big Hair Daze……

Artist Biography (Wildside)

Fueled by a passion for great music and good times, Wildside has strived hard to become New York’s premiere Motley Crue tribute band. Right out of the gate, Wildside performs songs respected and enjoyed by heavy metal fans of all ages including the hit songs Looks that Kill, Dr. Feelgood and Kickstart My Heart. Then they continue to ride the wave with tunes like Smokin In The Boys Room, Red Hot and Live Wire. Later in the set they slow down the pace with a ballad called “Home Sweet Home”, but just as quickly race back into overdrive with “Ten Seconds To Love”, and the ever so powerful and driving, “Knock Em Dead”. Whether it be older songs from their early albums like, “Merry Go Round and Round” and “Too Fast For Love,” or the more recent, “Girls Girls Girls,” and “Sex,” Wildside delivers them with punch and passion. “Rehearsing the songs to perfection is just one step in the entertainment process,” says guitarist Xavier Frey, aka Mick Mars. We want to give people the whole show and leave them exhausted and wanting for more. While their studded leather costumes, make up and tattoos are more representative of the recent Motley Crue, the super sexy Wilside dancers tear up the stage in the old school style making listeners want to, “roll down their windows to cool off!” With high energy songs like, “Shout At The Devil” and “Helter Skelter” lead singer and front man Pete, aka Vince Neil,  works the crowd into a frenzy by having them sing a long to these rock anthems with their fists waving in the air and their feet stomping the floor. His powerful high voice easily shreds through one melody after another of the kind of demanding material that made Vince Neil, the lead singer of Motley Crue internationally famous and World renowned.Vin LaRussa, aka Tommy Lee and Tom, aka Nikki Sixx, holding down a solid rhythm pocket with their thunderous drums and driving bass while Xavier Frey lights up the stage by performing note for note the blinding solos of Motley Crue guitarist and founder Mick Mars. Together they are the whole entertainment package and they hope to make people feel like they just saw Motley Crue live in their local club or theater.